Social Network Wall Script Like Facebook Using Jquery and Ajax

Wall post like Facebook using Jquery and Ajax it contains update post, like post, comment on post by different users. In this post I want to explain how to integrate and how to implement wall post application like Facebook.

Below show the preview of demo application and you want to integrate please follow simple steps.

Facebook Wall Post, Post, Like, Comment

For Mysql Database :

  1. Create Database for wall post application

  2. Create Users table and insert default user data

  3. Create Post Table in which table store your post data

  4. Create post like table for store post like details data

  5. Create post comments table for store post comments data

PHP code for Wall Post Application

Above I have define all the database queries which is used in our wall post application. after create all above database tables you can proceed to setup php code for wall script.

  1. Create config.php file in this file we define database connection and necessary constant

  2. Create functions.php file in this file we define all php related function which is used for perform database oprations like insert, update, delete and select.
  3. Create header.php file, In this file we define title and some html data.

  4. Create footer.php file

  5. Create index.php, This is a login page, from this file you can set user as logged in.

  6. Create wall.php file, In this page show all post on application and with like count, comment list and etc.
  7. Create style.css, In this file define all style css of wall post application. style.css file include in header file.


After complete above all steps you can just go and run your application. you can see login screen and In this page you will select user and login. after login you will see wall page. on wall page you can post new activity and like, comment on all activities.