Reading a Text File into Array Using PHP

Here I want to explain how to convert text file data into array. In this article I am explain process of convert text file to array. below show basic simple steps to convert text file into array. you can just follow below steps and see results.

Text File To Array

Here is the show simple steps, just follow below steps and see the results :

  1. HTML Code
    Below show HTML code for file upload form and output result box, you can modify below code as you want.

  2. CSS Style Code
    Here show CSS style for upload form and output box design elements. you can change color style of form box or output box if you want.

  3. PHP Script
    Below show php script code for process uploaded file and convert to array.

  4. Create Sample File
    after complete above steps need to create sample text file. here below show sample file format.Text File to Array

After complete above all steps you can run code and see results.