Preview Selected Image before upload using Jquery

In this article explain how to show preview of selected image without upload. Here I am explain how to preview selected image without uploading image file. You can see preview your selected image using the jquery FileReader elements.

Below show the preview of demo script, if you want to integrate please just follow simple steps and see result.
Preview Selected Image

Here shows simple steps of demo example, you can just follow below steps and see the results :

  1. HTML Code
    HTML code for select file form element and preview selected image section. you can change/modify html and design as per your theme.

  2. Javascript code
    For preview selected image need jquery elements so we need to include jquery library file and using of jquery FileReader and readAsDataURL function show selected image preview. here include jquery library file and custom code for show image data.

  3. CSS Style Code
    Here shows image select form design and image preview element design styles.

After Complete above steps you can go and run your code and see results.