Feedback Alert Message Styles CSS

Show CSS styles for feedback alert messages. you can just add below simple html and css for design standard alret message designs.

Here I want to explain how to design feedback alert message. below show sample preview and code, you can use this below code and also you can change it as per your requirement.

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User Profile Icon From Name Using CSS Like Gmail

Generate user profile icon on any listing page by first name and last name with the help of css, with different background colors.

Here I want to explain how you can show user icon with background color and user name text or your listing page.

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CSS Media Queries – Responsive Design

Media query is a CSS technique introduced in CSS3. It is used for create responsive web design. Media query uses a @media rule to include a block of CSS properties only if a any specific condition is true.

Below show five different media rules and standard device width media rules : Readmore

Google Maps With Marker

Google Maps is a free web mapping service that provides various types of geographical information. Google Maps is a JS(javascript) based API to customize and show information on the maps and integrate map on your webpage. I want to explain about Google Maps API and its usage in this tutorials.

Here I want to explain how you can integrate Google Maps on your webpage and show your location with marker on google map.

Preview of Google Map

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Jquery Live Character Counter

In this post I want to explain how to implement character counter using Jquery.  Jquery character counter work on text field jquery keyup event.

Preview of Jquery Character Counter