Reading a Text File into Array Using PHP

Here I want to explain how to convert text file data into array. In this article I am explain process of convert text file to array. below show basic simple steps to convert text file into array. you can just follow below steps and see results.

Text File To Array


GIT Commands

Here I am explain major GIT Commands list and their usage and short description. you can use below git commands and going with git in your projects.

List of GIT Commands :

  1. git config
    git config command used to set configuration values for user name, email, key, preferred algorithm, file formats and more in your project.


ON/OFF iOS Style Switch Button using CSS and Jquery

ON/OFF iOS Style Switch Button using CSS and jquery and with the help of CSS :before and :after Element. Now this time everyone want to convert web application into mobile application or application style platform. so here I want to explain how to make iOS style switch button using CSS and Jquery.

iOS Style Switch Button


Social Network Wall Script Like Facebook Using Jquery and Ajax

Wall post like Facebook using Jquery and Ajax it contains update post, like post, comment on post by different users. In this post I want to explain how to integrate and how to implement wall post application like Facebook.

Below show the preview of demo application and you want to integrate please follow simple steps.

Facebook Wall Post, Post, Like, Comment


Send Android Push Notification using GCM(Google Cloud Messaging) using PHP and MySQL

As google api documentation “Google Cloud Messaging(GCM)” is service to send notifications from servers to their applications on Android devices. Using GCM service you can send notification to your application when you add/update data. Integrating GCM in your android application for enhances experience and saves lot of battery power.


Creating MySQL Database Table for store user device ids

  1. create database table for store user information and GCM Device ID.
  2. After create above table you will store user information and user device GCM id.