GIT Commands

Here I am explain major GIT Commands list and their usage and short description. you can use below git commands and going with git in your projects.

List of GIT Commands :

  1. git config
    git config command used to set configuration values for user name, email, key, preferred algorithm, file formats and more in your project.

  2. git init
    git init is used for initializes a git repository in your projects. initial your need to create a “.git” directory in a project.
  3. git clone
    git clone command is used to make a working copy of Git repository on your local machine from remote server.
  4. git pull
    git pull command used for Fetch and Merge changes from the remote server to your local working repository. git pull command if similar to git fetch and git merge sequence.
  5. git add
    git add command used for add file(s) in working repository to your repository(index).
  6. git status
    Show list of files which you have change or add and still need to add or commit in your repository(index).
  7. git commit
    git commit command used for commit your local changes to head, but not to your remote repository.
  8. git push
    Push your all local changes objects into your remote repository.
  9. git branch
    Show the list of all branches in your repository and highlight the your current branch.
  10. git checkout
    git checkout command used for switch from current branch to another new branch.
  11. git merge
    Merge your one branch into your  current active branch and automatically creates a new commit to the repository.